1. My favorite colors are gray, blue, and red.
2. My favorite stone is sapphire.
3. I love to sing almost as much as I love to read.
4. I love to read almost as much as I love to write.
5. I love to write more than I like to do almost anything else.
6. I love sex with someone I love.
7. I am scared of heights, water, and dogs.
8. I can pretend that I am not scared of dogs.
9. Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto moves me like no other piece of music can.
10. I love socks.

11. I love poetry but do not consider myself capable of writing it.
12. I am hopelessly and almost excessively introverted, except in my writing.
13. I am incurably obsessive.
14. I do not remember learning how to read.
15. I have loved four men in my life, not counting those in my family.
16. I still love all four of them and will for the rest of my life.
17. I dislike the color orange. A lot.
18. Cooking is something I wish I understood and could do better.
19. I have an incredibly accurate memory, especially visually.
20. I am uncomfortable being photographed.

21. I am a lot smarter than most people are led to believe.
22. I believe in fate, fortune, chemistry, and love at first sight.
23. I believe in intuition, ESP, empathy, and spiritual connectedness.
24. I was a virgin until I was 19.
25. I learned to drive when I was 21.
26. I am a typical middle child, outwardly.
27. My father, brother, and sister know I am kinky.
28. My mother and brother have has no idea that I am kinky.
29. I want to get my clit hood pierced.
30. I’ve never been in the hospital except to give birth.

31. I am an Aries.
32. Because I am an Aries I want to be first and best in the areas of my life that matter to me.
33. The areas of my life that matter are my family and my relationships.
34. Bookstores often give me a headache but I still love them.
35. I do not like pretentious or superficial people.
36. I prefer thud over sting but will take either to please someone I love.
37. Beaches mystify and tire me.
38. I am drawn to them anyway.
39. I have an extremely vivid imagination.
40. I do not fidget unless I am in physical or emotional pain.

41. I cannot sleep without socks on.
42. I am vain about my hair.
43. I am insecure about my body.
44. I sleep on my right side most of the time.
45. I am addicted to a small amount of caffeine.
46. Donuts for breakfast give me a headache.
47. I do not like most kinds of candy or cookies.
48. I do not like jalapenos.
49. I do like cilantro.
50. I do not believe in multi-tasking, even though I am doing something else as I write this.

51. I love my daughters more than anything else in this world.
52. I tell them so almost every day.
53. I believe psychotherapy can be very beneficial if used correctly.
54. My vocation is more than an occupation, it is a passion and a calling.
55. If I believed in auras, mine would be dark blue.
56. I have been a writer since the sixth grade and probably before.
57. I was once in love with Austin, Texas.
58. I believe in truth, justice, and the American way.
59. I believe in vigilantism when justice fails.
60. Brad Pitt, Denzel Washington, and Mario Lopez l are just hot.

61. Intelligence counts as much as appearance for both men and women.
62. I’ve never been overseas.
63. I want to rectify that situation as soon as possible.
64. I am SCUBA certified despite being afraid of water.
65. I know how to sew, knit, do counted cross-stitch, and embroider.
66. I prefer tempera paints over acrylic and watercolors.
67. I prefer oil pastels over pastels and chalk.
68. I do not consider myself a good photographer.
69. I cringe whenever I have to say the word “stimulate”.
70. I recently discovered my green thumb, inherited from my mother.

71. Both of my cats look the same.
72. Except the twelve pound weight difference.
73. I dislike Tom Petty, mostly because he is my ex’s favorite performer.
74. I refuse to disparage my ex to my daughters, they all deserve better.
75. My favorite number is five.
76. I could not have made this list three years ago.
77. I will not eat veal, lamb, or organ meat.
78. The only soda I even remotely like is Dr Pepper.
79. That comes from living in the South for a decade.

80. I abhor most kinds of change.
81. My mother is one of the most highly educated and least employable people I know.
82. My father once built a cedar strip canoe by himself.
83. I love being submissive and in service to someone I love.
84. I can learn almost anything given the interest and inclination.
85. I am learning perhaps the most important lesson of my life right now: how to love myself.
86. I have never swallowed a man’s come unless forced to do so.
87. I have never licked a woman’s cunt.
88. My desire to do so waxes and wanes. I’m not sure why.
89. I only ever fucked one of my older brother’s friends.

90. There is only one man I still severely resent and may never forgive.
91. My words have been published in a book.
92. Chris Stern is the only person to whom I have ever been contracted or collared.
93. I do not have cable tv and don’t plan to subscribe any time soon.
94. I like baseball. I do not like basketball. Football is ok.
95. My sister is an avid deep sea fisherman.