Journey Into Submission

a bdsm love journal


“Do you know where this is going, if it keeps progressing?” Michael asked.

I shook my head after a moment, trying to imagine a precise sequence of events. Having had absolutely no experience in this area, I was clueless.

“I can see me getting scratched and bitten, and you getting slapped and fucked,” he stated matter-of-factly.

My cunt reacted instantly to the thought and the image. The discussion of our edging-toward-rape lovemaking suddenly had me breathing hard. I nodded in agreement. While I could not imagine biting Michael while in full control of myself, I could definitely see how the snarling, twisting, ferocious version of me might easily indulge in such a thing. Given the right permission and the right stimulus, hurting him seemed absolutely possible.

Two nights later I lay on my back with Michael on top of me. My legs were wrapped around his thighs, my arms around his biceps. I was trapped of my own volition and rocking against his weight. My mouth opened wide and laughter burbled up from my heart. It started as an amused chuckle but soon transformed into a throat-warming chorus. My teeth ached for the substance of his flesh. My mouth hovered near his neck and I arched my head back to let the laughter out.

Michael lifted his head and looked down at me. He was fucking me with patient insistence, getting me used to taking all of him.

“I’m going to bite you,” I laughed when his eyes met mine.

“That’s fine, pet,” he assured me amusedly.

I shoved him backwards and changed positions. The moment had been averted.

An hour later I was pushing the edge of exhaustion and the accompanying thrill of loss of control. Michael wrapped his hands around my wrists and pressed them close in to my shoulders. His calves trapped my feet and his body held me captive. I was verging on that growling, clawing animal again. I couldn’t move without inviting a corresponding crushing weight. My limbs quivered with delight, teasing and testing his.

Sweat dripped onto my face. I lifted my tongue towards his neck. Licking, sucking, nipping at him. He had me completely at his mercy. That primal, necessary part of me wanted out. My mouth moved to his collarbone, to that deep smooth muscle of his shoulder. Lips curled back. Legs jerked, testing his strength and viciousness.

Teeth sank into him and released just as quickly. It felt so good I moaned and drove my cunt deeper onto his cock. He growled and thrust harder into me. My wrists shook in an effort to free themselves. His muscles bulged and quivered and tightened down. Teeth again, scraping and pulling. Grip around my wrists quickening in response.

A third time, a mouth full of dense, hard, salty flesh against my tongue. Levering back against his stiff shoulders. Laughing at the sheer joy of being crushed and fucked and driven to biting. Panting, grunting, gulping satisfaction. My teeth dug in. His hands tightened painfully. I bore down, eyes squeezed closed. He came inside of me. I gasped fresh air and let go. God only knows where this is going, but fuck it is fun.






  1. Gray Lily, rough sex, an aspect of growth, when you trust, it can be exhilarating.
    Did you mark him?
    Love and warm hugs,

  2. mamacrow

    oh WOW!

    there does seem to be more give and take than Mr Stern sex… hmm, don’t mean that exactly.. more give and take physically? more of a mutual creation on a physical level?

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