Journey Into Submission

a bdsm love journal


Forgetting that I live in an apartment and that all distracting sound from outside died down with the sunset, I scream as I come.

Michael sits back on his heels, my legs straddling his thighs. My thighs sting and moan from the misery of the caning. His cock is buried deep in my cunt. My fingers work strategically over my clit until I can’t stop myself. My toes curl and I am lost.

“There you go, pet. That’s what I want to see,” he murmurs as I come, my cunt convulsing around his cock. I shove myself harder onto him as my hips lift up violently. My mouth opens wide from the effort and I let loose with sounds I am loathe to make when in control of my faculties.

He thrusts himself completely into me and leans forward, grabbing my breast in his fist. I scream again and writhe under him.

“I love to hear a woman scream,” he growls as his cock slams into my swollen cunt. His hands find mine, pinning them next to my head, and his hips tilt my ass off the bed. He brings his knees closer for better leverage. I am instantly in the mood to fight so fight I do.

I struggle against him with the fury of a caged animal. His hands, like vises around my fingers, prevent me from moving more than a few inches. I buck my shoulders forward and am rewarded with the heavy weight of his chest against mine for my efforts. I growl back at him then, eyes open, brow furrowed with the effort of fighting him. I feel his cock deep inside of me, threatening to rip yet another orgasm from my body.

Locked in combat, covered in sweat and blood, growling and grunting at each other, Michael covers me with his body and lets loose with his own roaring climax. Our bodies shake and shiver together as he leans back to breathe.

God I love fucking that man.






  1. Well ~that~ was arousing. *grins*

  2. red o


  3. Gray Lily, damn it girl get back in your cage.
    Gods you have come a long way in a few months.
    Love and warm hugs,

  4. Oh *breathes* yes.

  5. mamacrow

    and also – in YOUR apartment?! Chris didn’t even know where you LIVED for ages!

    :::BIG GRIN:::

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