Journey Into Submission

a bdsm love journal


Black Snake Moan tops my “Hottest Movies Ever” list.

Late last week Michael and I were relaxing on his couch and enjoying the feeling of being wrapped around each other as completely as possible while still fully clothed. We were searching for a movie on tv when he happened upon Samuel L. Jackson and Christina Ricci fully engaged in their own unique power dynamic.

“Have you seen this movie?” he asked as we watched Lazarus walk Rae through his fields on a length of chain.

“Yes. I like it. It’s really hot,” I said instantly. I’d seen it at Chris’s when a small group of us gathered for movie night one time last year. It had been hot then, but nothing compared with how hot watching it with Michael turned out to be.

Michael agreed that it was a good movie and put the remote down. I snuggled closer and put my leg across his lap. After no more than five minutes Michael stood up abruptly.

“There’s only one way to watch a movie about bondage,” he said as he disappeared around the corner.

I practically held my breath waiting for him to come back. I heard faint clinking sounds from the bedroom and my imagination started to run wild.

When he returned a moment later Michael was holding a pair of wrist cuffs. Glossy black cuffs with elegantly soft lining. The kind meant for holding your most precious captive safe and secure.

He wrapped the first one around my right wrist, adjusting it and yanking it firmly to get it to tighten sufficiently.

“You really are tiny, aren’t you?” he mused as he buckled the cuff around my wrist.

I tried to respond but I could feel myself starting to float away.

The second cuff went on a bit more easily, cinched down to the perfect snugness against my skin. Michael grabbed a carabiner off of the coffee table and clipped the two together. I squirmed in my seat at the feeling of even this subtle restraint and waited for him to sit back down.

Once he was close enough to touch, I curled into him, my hands resting on his lap, and my legs draped over his. I tried to watch the movie but Michael’s hands kept distracting me. Watching Rae squirm and moan against her chains got under our skin and made it difficult to concentrate on the movie. When Michael started pinching my nipples my eyes fluttered closed despite my best efforts.

When he tired of the limited accessibility his position next to me afforded him, Michael stood up, turned, and knelt down in front of me. He forced his hips between my knees, his right hand locked around the carabiner. He shoved his fist against my cunt, straightened his arm from the shoulder, and forced my hands flat against my thighs.

“Rub your pussy on that,” he ordered. The back of his fist was jammed against my cunt and my hands were immobilized by the strength of his grasp. He braced his fist against the edge of the couch as I lost myself to his touch. I opened my eyes to survey what he was doing and instinctively started grinding my cunt against his hand.

The sight of his hand between my legs, his forearm and bicep thrown into stark relief by the dim light, the sheer power and size of his arms and shoulders, the ferocity of his grasp, all of it flipped the switch and I was a squirming, dripping, moaning mess. Soon enough Michael dragged me off to the bedroom by the cuffs and I got to show him exactly how hot Black Snake Moan gets me.






  1. Lee Holloway

    And you’re leaving the story off there?!


    Glad to hear things are going so well.

    all the best,

  2. mamacrow

    oh come on, you can’t leave it there!!! (well you can, and it’s fine, but…)

  3. Gray Lily, another friend strongly recommends that film as well, I really must watch it.
    This is such an encouraging post, you seem to be in a very good place, this warms my heart.
    Love and warm hugs,

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