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The End

This blog has been inactive since 2010. I stopped writing just about the time I went back to school for my second BA and have not picked it up since. Many things have changed but somehow my need to return here has not re-appeared yet. I keep this blog as an archive, perhaps a useful catalogue of experiences for those interested in the lifestyle.

Everything published here is true, unless noted otherwise. Most names, some dates, and almost all locations were changed to protect my privacy and the privacy of those about whom I wrote.

In case anyone is interested, Tucker ended our relationship rather suddenly about nine months after my final post. I am now living with and engaged to a man I refer to as Austin. I am in the middle of an MA/PhD program, my girls are teenagers, and kink has faded to an almost distant memory a great deal of the time.

A part of me will always be Gray Lily and will live here for as long as is feasible. For now though, I’ve moved on.

– Amy





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  1. J

    I was a long-time reader and when the proverbial shit hit the fan with Michael I remembering commenting because it wasn’t long after I’d gone through a similar situation with my then-boyfriend (a man I’d met on Alt who was also leading a double life).

    Thank you for coming back to offer an update. (And thanks to RSS readers like Feedly your blog’s address was still lurking there as Feedly religiously checked for updates.) My life, like yours, has changed a lot in the intervening years and like yours the D/s has faded to an almost distant memory. Still, it’s always there deep down, but it’s no longer the end-all be-all that I once thought it would always be.

    Good luck and congratulations on your engagement and MA/PhD program!

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