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Can someone please tell me what brand of shoes Carrie Underwood wore during her Super Bowl performance last week?

I cannot find them anywhere and I’m getting a little obsessed with the quest. I have a serious shoe fetish, especially platforms with big heels like hers, and have yet to find a pair of white ones I really like. The ones she wore looked ridiculously huge on her but I’m willing to bet getting half a size smaller would have made them look super cute.

Tucker laughs at my passion for shoes. He caught a glimpse of the closet where I store my shoes and has mentioned several times the array of boxes he saw displayed there. I keep reminding him he only saw about half of my collection and he just rolls his eyes. He does not, however, complain when I wear a pair of my four inch platform heels and I’m suddenly tall enough that he can kiss me without having to bend over at the waist.


Two Step




  1. janeway

    They look like they might be Naughty Monkey.

  2. Auor

    Since you like platform shoes – you’re nowhere near North Carolina, but I told my friend (who has a similar fetish) about the Mint Museum’s ( – second exhibit listed) current exhibit on platform shoes. You might want to check out the online info, they have some pictures.

  3. eve

    They look like Christian Louboutin to me. Although you might be hard pressed to find them in white.

    Good luck.

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