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I’m not sure how to put this delicately…

I got a new piercing.

Down there.

Yes, I finally did it. I’ve been thinking about getting a genital piercing for several years – I remember several conversations with Chris about it – but I never made it to the right time and place with my desire intact.

When I asked Tucker his opinion on body modifications his enthusiastic response got me thinking once again. When I asked if he would go with me for moral support and he agreed I started really considering it. When he started teasing me about it and working it into our more erotic moments I knew I had to do it.

I decided to get a vertical clit hood piercing – probably the most popular and quickest healing of all female genital piercings. It is a barbell that literally goes through that little peak of skin over the clit. It is highly rumored to enhance the pleasure of sexual interactions

The actual piercing hurt like a motherfucker. I don’t think I’ve ever used that word before but it is most apt in this situation. Then it stopped hurting, like thirty seconds later, and everything has been fine ever since. Tucker and I had sex three days later and that delay was due only to the timing of the piercing and our scheduled time together. It hurt a bit for the first week, was a little sensitive for the next week, and hasn’t bothered me at all this last week.

I liken the whole experience (minus the absolutely true sexual enhancement part) to having a baby. For the first little while after childbirth the whole experience seems horribly painful and never to be repeated. But soon enough, the shock and the degree of severity of the pain fade away and it seems like a pretty good idea again. I’m not saying I will ever get anything else pierced, but some of the trauma has eroded and I can enjoy the benefits of the piercing without having to relive those few seconds of hating the world and the piercer.

The fact that Tucker got a vicarious thrill out of watching some random woman inflict pain on me also gave me a better understanding of who he is as a sadist. I already knew that he really likes hurting me on his own but somehow knowing that he just likes pain in general endears him to me that little bit more. Such a strange thing to come out that short bit of time, but then again the whole experience itself was just a little surreal. It’s a good thing I’m used to being mostly naked and hurt or I never would have found the courage to go through with it.




Two Step


  1. Gray Lily, sounds like you are both getting a great deal out of this piercing.
    Love and warm hugs,

  2. Princess

    I am so glad that Tucker allows you to push yourself more.

  3. Congratulations on your piercing. I have had mine–also a clit hood piercing but a hoop instead of a barbell–for years, and I love it. Enjoy!

  4. Congrats on the piercing. I hope you’re happy with it.


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