Journey Into Submission

a bdsm love journal


I padded to the dining room, naked except for my socks, and dug through my overnight bag for my clothes. I grabbed my jeans, sweatshirt, and panties and when I realized there were no more clothes in the bag, sat back on my heels to think for a moment. I retraced my steps and my thought process the previous morning… getting the pants from the dryer, folding the sweatshirt from the drawer, picking out the panties… I’d forgotten to grab a shirt.

I picked up my pile of clothes and went back to Michael’s bedroom.

“I seem to have forgotten my shirt,” I admitted with a little laugh.

“Your shirt? Do you need something to wear?” he asked, already heading to the closet.

“Do you have a tee shirt I can wear?” I asked at the same time. He started digging through his closet while I put on my panties and jeans. When he emerged with an armful of shirts I laughed.

“I just need one,” I protested.

“I wasn’t sure which one would fit best. They’re all pretty wrinkled,” he said, unfolding one of the shirts.

“It’s ok, I have a sweatshirt to wear over it. No one will see it,” I assured him. I picked a dark green shirt with a subdued logo on the back and looked at the size.

“I’m sure they’re all too big for you,” he said. The one I’d picked was a Large but I slipped it over my head anyway. It was comfortably loose, not too long, and perfectly appropriate.

“That doesn’t look too bad,” he said. “I will be very pleased knowing you are wearing my shirt all day today.”

I smiled at him, grabbed my sweatshirt and gave him a kiss. For the rest of the day whenever I noticed the green shirt peeking out from under the gray sweatshirt I felt a pull of connection to Michael, that submissive, love-soaked, all-consuming passion I adore. I texted him mid-afternoon with a request.

Love, would you let me wear one of your shirts every week?

Much to my surprise and delight, he liked my idea.

Yes, you may wear a shirt each week,” he wrote back. So now, in addition to his shirt that I keep under my pillow, I will also be allowed to wear one to work. Just because he loves me and I love being his.


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  1. how sweet!! It always makes me happy to have Daddy or something of his close by me all the time. I keep a pair of his underwear just to sleep in – briefs.

  2. Man, I keep his shirt under my pillow during the day, and snuggle with it draped over my teddy bear at night!

  3. Gray Lily,
    Love and warm hugs,

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