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95 Things

I updated my 95 Things page.

I’ve already told the story of coming out to my brother.

I have not told the story of swallowing Michael’s come.

Oddly for me, I do not remember a vast number of details from the particular event. Perhaps because the actual moment has consumed so much of my attention, I don’t have very good recollection of the circumstances that led up to him coming in my mouth and me swallowing as naturally as if I had been doing it for years.

What I do remember is him being tired, stressed, and in that mood that drains his energy very quickly.

“I should send you home so you don’t have to put up with me tonight,” he’d said earlier when I caught him pacing in the living room.

“I want to be here,” I protested. “It doesn’t bother me and I want you to let me take care of you.”

Now we were laying in bed, both partially clothed, cuddling and talking. He lay on his back, his arm under my neck and his body loose and tired. I scooted up onto my knees and leaned over him for a series of long kisses and caresses. My hands were soft on his chest and arms and I let my breasts press warmly against him. I lay back down next to him, my hands still moving, and he pullled his cock out of his shorts.

My breath caught, as it always does at the sight of his cock, and I murmured my pleasure at having him in my hands. I caressed his cock gently for a few minutes, letting him relax and enjoy the sensations while I worked up the courage to take charge and be bold.

Michael has always let me be forward sexually. He wants me to kiss him, to hug him, to sit on his lap, to ask to be fucked or suck his cock, or even better, make it happen. He loves that I am voraciously sexual and that I find him utterly consumable, no matter what mood he might be in.

I flipped my hair over my shoulder, turned slightly, and took his cock into my mouth. He moaned softly at the unexpected touch and raised his hips in response to my tongue. I crawled over him and assumed my position between his legs, bent over to take as much of his cock into my mouth as possible.

“What is it that you want, little girl?” he asked as I started sliding my lips over his cock, letting my saliva slip out just enough to make everything smooth and warm. I didn’t answer for a few seconds, intent on making him feel good enough that he wouldn’t want me to stop.

“I just like doing this,” I murmured, my lips touching the tip of his cock, my tongue darting out to make tiny circles.

He tangled his fingers in my hair and let the weight of his hands press my head down gently. His cock slid into my throat and I floated on the thrill of not being able to breathe. He let me up to catch my breath and find my own rhythm. With my hands wrapped around the part of his cock that my lips cannot reach, I soon enticed him into thrusting his hips up into my mouth. His hands moved from my head to my shoulders, occasionally reaching down to pinch my nipples, always in contact with my body as I licked and sucked.

Within minutes his hands gripped my shoulders. I stopped moving, unsure whether he wanted to hold off or was coming. I felt his cock pulsing against my lips and tongues and tasted a faint saltiness deep in my throat. A bit of pre-cum coating my tongue, I thought absentmindedly and swallowed out of habit. That’s when I felt the warmth coating the back of my throat.

Michael was almost still as he came into my mouth. I swallowed three times, each time ingesting more of him, swallowing the warm fluid with what could have passed for practiced ease. Michael sighed and groaned as I worked my tongue around his cock, consuming the last little bit of his come. He laughed when he pulled me up onto his chest.

“That was part of my agenda as well,” I teased.

“It’s been a long time. A really long time,” he groaned.

“Thank you, Michael,” I whispered as I snuggled into him.





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  1. Gray Lily, well done girl.
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