Journey Into Submission

a bdsm love journal


I woke up before the alarm this morning, a full bladder edging into my sleep, Michael’s warm body under mine reminded me that I was where I most want to be. I listened to him breathing for a few minutes, thinking about my day and how I expected it to play out, remembering our conversation from the night before about us, Andy, Susan, life, love, and forever.

When I realized that I had no chance of getting back to sleep unless I went pee, I rolled out of bed.

“Are you okay, pet?”

I hadn’t really known Michael was awake.

“Yes Sir, just have to pee,” I assured him.

Getting back into bed with a few more minutes to sleep or cuddle is one of my absolute favorite things in the whole wide world. I love getting into a warm, soft, fragrant bed, snuggling into his arms and letting myself just float for those few precious minutes before the alarm pulls me into the chaos of the day. I love to sleep, I love to cuddle, I love to be warm, and I love to be stress-free. Combining and condensing all of these into five or ten precious minutes never fails to bring a lovely level of joy to my life.

When the alarm went off Michael let me loose to silence it then gathered me back in his arms for the last few minutes of touching and cuddling. I have learned that a certain touch on my shoulder means he wants me to spoon back against him, letting him drape his arms and legs over mine, wrapping my wrists in his fist. I stretched back against him while he rubbed and kissed my back – part of our waking-up ritual – and sighed when he turned me over so he could continue his kisses on my breasts and stomach.

With my wrists held captive and just the touch of his tongue on my nipples, I came twice. Warm, shivery, brilliant flashes of orgasm that got my blood flowing and my head in a beautiful mind space.

“Time to get up, pet,” he rasped as he put his feet on the floor – also part of the routine. I managed to squirm over to his side of the bed and get my feet on the floor while he got his robe and turned the heat up. My hips against the side of the bed, I stood for a few seconds as he came back into the room.

One hand on my neck was all it took to push my face into the mattress. He held me there for a moment while he took up the train of kisses he’d been leaving on my back. He pulled back a bit and I knew what was coming next.

Two tingly swats on the ass and my day was off to a perfect start.

I love being man-handled, patted, fondled, adored, stroked, and swatted. I love Michael because he has no fear of doing with me exactly what he wants – moving me, kissing me, carrying me, bending me – whenever he wants to do it. It is part of the natural dominance that runs through his veins and part of the reason we can live in such synchronicity. I want to be treated as a favored pet and he wants to treat me that way. Everyone wins and days start off with kisses, smiles, swats, and orgasms instead of grumpiness, dread, aches, pains, and whininess.




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  1. I’m SOOOO happy for you!!!

  2. Gray Lily, nice!!!
    Love and warm hugs,

  3. MmmmMMmmMmmmMmmm! Lovin’ that meself!

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